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Berks Counseling Center (BCC) is a fully licensed, private non-profit behavioral health Agency operating in Berks County since 1977. Our clinical and counseling services have evolved over the years, demonstrating BCC’s strong commitment to meeting the unique and growing mental health needs of the diverse community we serve. Our culturally competent and integrated services provide the needed care to individuals, children and adolescents, pregnant and parenting teens, and families all whose lives are affected by mental illness and addiction. Our integrated behavioral and physical health home delivers a comprehensive and coordinated team-based approach to care for persons struggling with medical and mental health, and substance abuse disorders. We employ a multidisciplinary team of caring professionals working together to provide holistic, patient and family-centered care.

In 2016, BCC became one of only 10 Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC) in Pennsylvania. BCC is positioned to work with the state during a two-year federal demonstration project designed to provide a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use disorder services. CCBHCs integrate and coordinate services that are necessary to create access, stabilize people in crisis and provide treatment for those with the most serious, complex mental illnesses and addictions regardless of where they live or their ability to pay.

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To maintain the highest quality of behavioral/physical health and supportive services while meeting the changing needs of the clients who seek our help.


Berks Counseling Center (BCC) is a recovery oriented Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC) with an integrated behavioral and physical health model of service delivery. The Center provides a holistic approach to a culturally and economically diverse population for the purpose of achieving a healthy and productive lifestyle.

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Payment Options

BCC accepts Medicare with Medicaid; Medicaid; most commercial insurances and self-pay.


Board of Directors 2018-2019
Chris Axford, President
Greg Little, CFO
Brenda Gaul, Treasurer
Joseph Plageman, Chairperson
James Brooks
Linda Krause
Deborah Scull
John Sellers
Franco Vella-Gatt
John Robinson
Crystal Seitz

“I was so impressed and truly interested in every group I attended. When I was released from BCP, I immediately asked TASC and my probation officer to allow me to continue outpatient treatment through BCC. I do that voluntarily and I am very grateful that you all are there”.
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“It was a privilege to meet you last week when I brought my son in for an evaluation of his prescriptions. I was impressed with your thorough technique in evaluation of him. I especially appreciated the amount of time you gave him in the office visit.”


Carmen’s Story
My name is Carmen. I was court-ordered to do an outpatient program and chose to go to BCC. I thought I would never get accepted into the program because I have AIDS. I contracted AIDS through intravenous drug use. I was pregnant and living with an abusive boyfriend when BCC offered me transitional housing. My case manager provided support in every stage of my transition. I maintain my plan by attending individual and group sessions, which builds my confidence and independence. This program was the best decision for my child and I. Today, I am enjoying motherhood, and living a happy and sober lifestyle.

Todd’s Story
My name is Todd; I am a 40-year-old, single, African American male. I am an alcohol and cocaine dependent battling Stage 2 cancer. I faced double duty chemotherapy to treat cancer that spread from my colon to my lungs. The hardships of treatment affected my body, mind, and spirit. Changes to my lifestyle and physical limitations made me feel angry and resentful, but I knew there had to be more to life. I changed my negative mindset and started to focus on the positive aspects of my life—I was grateful for all the things I could still do! Today, I am cancer free and celebrating 14 months of being clean and sober, thanks to my continued participation in group meetings.

Melissa’s Story
My name is Melissa. I am a victim of domestic violence. My children and I were homeless and without supports until we were accepted into BCC’s transitional housing program. Now, eight months later, my children and I are in counseling as part of the housing program. Working through the trauma of domestic violence can be lonely and scary; however, with the support of a team of caring staff, counselors, and case managers, I am finding a way to health and peace.