BCC has a variety of recovery-oriented housing options for the homeless in need of housing and on the path to recovery and independence.

Each location is unique and targets special populations such as pregnant and parenting women (and their children), transition age youth enrolled in ACT, those with disabilities, as well as those transitioning out of the criminal justice system.

The need for affordable housing remains paramount in our community and BCC remains committed to a solution.



Health Care Navigation

BCC’s health care navigators often work one on one with clients as they assess a client’s overall health and wellness needs, help establish SMART goals for behavioral change, provide health supports, serve as a health advocates in navigating the complex health delivery systems, and serve as champions of health and wellness. Health care navigators work collaboratively with other members of the BCC integrated health team, assuring that the patient’s voice is heard and their needs met. They assist with care coordination, often researching best solutions for client care while assuring continuity and quality.

“It was a privilege to meet you last week when I brought my son in for an evaluation of his prescriptions. I was impressed with your thorough technique in evaluation of him. I especially appreciated the amount of time you gave him in the office visit.”.

Community Reinforcement and Family Training

CRAFT is a skills- based training program designed specifically for families of a loved one actively abusing drugs and/or alcohol and refuses to get help.

You (and other family members) will learn skills that will help you cope with your loved one’s addiction through communication and problem solving with the ultimate goal being your loved one’s “acceptance” that he/she is ready for help. Additionally, and just as importantly, you’ll learn ways to take care of you that are healthy and positive.

On-site Lab Services

BCC has partnered with Quest Diagnostics in order to offer quality, on-site laboratory services for routine blood draws. Now you may fill your prescriptions immediately in a safe, secure environment. Our integrated care nurse coordinates the laboratory services and provides the expertise necessary to help you interpret your results. Working closely with our team of health and wellness professionals, you can monitor and manage your cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels as you work toward meeting your own unique health goals.

Did you know that individuals with a serious mental health diagnosis have a 1.5 to 2 times higher risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, and obesity? So by actively monitoring and managing your blood levels, you are taking important steps toward a healthier you!

Wellness Services

BCC is dedicated to your quality of life and overall well-being. You are invited to work with us in developing physical health goals and a wellness program to maintain your goals, as they relate to your unique health and wellness needs. We offer health education and programs on varied topics including tobacco-free living, women’s health issues, fitness and nutrition, and diabetes self-management. Our wellness nurse is certified in Reiki practice, and we offer on-site yoga and mindfulness classes. In addition, we have fitness equipment available for you to use or if you prefer, our health navigators will accompany you to the YMCA. All of our wellness planning and health coaching is designed to fit your lifestyle and match your personal health goals.

Remember that wellness matters! Wellness is a lifelong process that promotes healthy lifestyle habits that result in improved quality of life.

Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy

We have our very own full-service Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy on site at BCC to conveniently assist in ALL pharmacy needs. This full-service pharmacy is staffed by a pharmacist and certified technician(s) dedicated to BCC clients and staff. The pharmacy is located on the 2nd floor at BCC, 645 Penn Street in Reading.